Electrode inverter to 140 A

Overview of the highlights

  • Electrode and TIG welding
  • Hot start and lift arc function
  • Arc force and anti-stick function
  • One knob operation
  • 230 V power supply

BOOSTER 140 - the welding unit for portable use

The BOOSTER 140 welding unit is the powerful lightweight amongst REHM welding units weighing just 4.9 kilograms. Rated at 140 amps, it is an indispensable helper in general trade work. However, its robust steel housing and its low weight also make it the ideal construction site welding unit.

BOOSTER 140 electrode inverter - the best welding properties

The portable welding unit for construction site and trades is equipped with innovative technologies. The inrush current boost and hot start function produces a stable arc within seconds. A digital processor control and a power section with a cycle frequency of 100 kHz ensure excellent welding properties, which are further strengthened by the force function. This special function continuously monitors the welding current and the welding current voltage. This ensures reliable droplet transfer even when using large electrodes.

An equally important feature is the anti-stick function. It prevents the electrode from burning out due to accidental sticking. In this event the practical function automatically reduces the welding current.

Easy operation for high efficiency

Practical features like the force function or the anti-stick function ensure material-friendly and efficient welding. The simple operation of the device additionally improves the welding process. The operation is very simple. Simply select the welding current for the welding task and the electrode using the rotary knob and you are ready to begin welding. This enables the BOOSTER 140 electrode inverter to meet all the requirements demanded of a welding unit for the construction site or trade work.

Welding units with striking performance

With a setting range from five to 140 amperes, the portable welding unit is ideally suited to its specified uses. Like all REHM welding units, it delivers high-quality results with a long duty cycle. The BOOSTER 140 is optionally available without accessories or as a complete set in an installation case including welding station equipment.

Technical data & documents

Standards   CE, EN 60 974-1, S-Identification
Setting range [A] 5-140
Duty cycle (ED) at Imax. (10 min.) at 40 °C [%] 30
Welding current at 100 % ED at 40 °C [A] 95
Mains connection [V] 1 x 230
Fuse [A] 16
Protection type   IP 23
Power factor [cos phi] 0,7
Power consumption at Imax. [kVA] 6,2
Control socket [pin] without
Welding cable socket [mm] 9
Weight [kg] 4,9
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 310 x 125 x 182