Electrode inverter to 210 A

Electrode welding machine BOOSTER.PRO with 170 o 210 Amp

Overview of the highlights

  • Welding: Electrode & TIG welding
  • Ignition: Hot-Start & Lift-Arc function
  • Functions: Arc-Force & Anti-Stick function
  • Handling: Control with just one button
  • Types: AUTOSAFE & Gasmanagement
  • Mains: 230 V with 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 5,5 kg
  • Generator suitable

Welding processes

  • MMA
  • TIG DC

The welding unit of the future - the electrode inverter BOOSTER.PRO

This powerful lightweight unit ensures reliable high-quality results under unfavourable conditions. With a robust housing of protection class IP23, the device is designed for use on the construction site. However, BOOSTER.PRO 210 also meet all of the requirements for a trade welding unit.

Display of the electrode welding machine BOOSTER.PRO 170 to 210


The clearly designed control panel displays important information

The welding current is easily adjusted using a rotary knob and the unit is switched between TIG welding and manual operation with a push button. The fuse - hold feature is of particular use during electrode manual welding, where the feature prevents power supply fuses from being triggered. Working in booster mode offers the benefit of rod electrode welding at maximum power and a duty cycle of 55 percent at 150 A and 90 percent at 170 A.

Indicators on the control panel give information on the current status of individual functions such as the TIG Lift-Arc process, the electrode booster function or the electrode fuse hold mode. Additional information is provided by the operation control indicator and inverter interference indicator.

Welding unit with innovative functions for optimised operation

For the performance class of 150 and 170 Ampere, the BOOSTER.PRO series at 5.5 kg is extremely light. One further aspect is the ability to operate using the 230 V household power supply, which is indispensable for trade work. The electrode inverters impress even further with an additional performance package.

  • Lift Arc ignition for safe and electrode-protection ignition.
  • The REHM ELSA system also protects against interruptions in the welding work where long power supply lines are used.
  • The arc force and anti-stick feature prevent the electrodes from sticking and burning out.
  • INTIG Energy for automatic ignition current selection.
  • BOOSTER function for high-performance electrode welding Gas management function for convenient TIG welding with DC current Temperature-controlled fan circuit for optimum cooling
  • Flexible use on the building site and for trade work due to generator compatibility

REHM can supply each welding unit in the BOOSTER.PRO range without accessories or in an installation case including welding accessories.

Technical data & documents

Electrode inverter BOOSTER.PRO with 210 Amp


  • Setting range: 5-210 A
  • Duty cycle: 30 %
  • Mains: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23
  • Weight: 5.5 kg


Electrode inverter BOOSTER.PRO with 210 Amp and AUTOSAFE


  • Setting range: 5-210 A
  • Duty cycle: 30 %
  • Mains: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Type: AUTOSAFE with body protect sensor