Electrode inverter to 320 A

Product information

The BOOSTER.PRO family is no longer available (July 2019). The successor product will be available next year.
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Elektroden-Schweißgerät BOOSTER.PRO mit 250 bis 320 A

Overview of the highlights

  • Welding: Electrode and TIG welding
  • Duty cycle: 100 % at 210/250 Amp
  • Ignition: Hot-Start and Lift-Arc function
  • Functions: Arc-Force and Anti-Stick function
  • Handling: Control with just one button
  • Technology: Bi-Power inverter for maximum efficiency
  • Generator suitable

Welding processes

  • MMA
  • TIG DC

The BOOSTER.PRO 250/320 is the "little brother" of INVERTIG.PRO®

The unit is equipped with 200 kHz bi-power inverter technology with a 60% duty cycle at Imax and 100% ED at 210/250 A. The unit impresses due to its ergonomic shape, ease of operation, high performance and endurance: Steel construction, bridge building or shipbuilding, machinery and tool construction, industrial plant and pipeline construction and maintenance, assembly, repair and servicing in both trades and industry.

The highest energy efficiency & universal applications

The Bi-Power inverter with its intelligent energy management converts almost all the power supplied into the arc. The special handle and harness combination enables the unit weighing only 16.5 kg to be easily transported and manoeuvred.

  • 80% duty cycle (TIG)
  • Energy-efficient welding with the Bi-Power inverter Perfect arc stability
  • High-performance cooling using a closed cooling channel
  • Connection for remote control
  • Expert programs - For rutile, basic and cellulose electrodes (CEL)

BOOSTER.PRO electrode inverter with 250 to 320 Amp display


The electrode inverters BOOSTER.PRO 250 and 320: Up to 100% duty cycle

A gas management and REHM R-TIG torch are available as an option: Enables optimum gas shielding of the weld seam at the best possible gas consumption at all times.

The inert gas supply and output voltage can be conveniently controlled from the REHM R-TIG torch. A high hot-start setting range always ensures reliable and trouble-free ignition. The ICS (Ignition Command System) automatically sets the optimum ignition energy when igniting the TIG DC arc using Lift-Arc and when igniting rod electrodes.

Reliable droplet transfer without sticking even when using coarse droplet electrodes, Arc-Force monitors both welding current and voltage preventing sticking and reduces spatter formation. If an electrode sticks, the anti-stick feature automatically reduces the welding current and prevents burnout.

The ELSA.PRO system ensures precise reproducibility even where large-area fusions and excellent welding properties are called for, delivering precise digital welding process control.


Electrode welding machine BOOSTER.PRO with 250 Amp



  • Setting range: 5-250 A
  • Duty cycle: 80 %
  • Mains: 400 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23
  • Optional: Gas management with torch control

Electrode welding machine BOOSTER.PRO with 320 Amp



  • Setting range: 5-320 A
  • Duty cycle: 80 %
  • Mains: 400 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Protection type: IP 23
  • Optional: Gas management with torch control