MIG/MAG welding equipment impulse welding

Overview of the highlights

  • Torch cooling: Gas
  • SMC (Smart Machine Control)
  • Pulse, double pulse, conventional welding
  • Manual electrode welding, TIG DC welding (with lift arc ignition) 
  • Brazing of galvanized aluminium and aluminium sheet
  • Portable for the highest degree of mobility

MEGAPULS 250 multifunctional pulse welding unit

The MEGAPULS 250 delivers high-quality and high-precision welding results in MIG/MAG arc welding, conventional MIG/MAG welding, MIG brazing, manual electrode welding and TIG-DC welding. The compact size and low weight of MEGAPULS 250 make the unit portable, offering a high degree of mobility.

SMC technology - the superior machine control concept

The innovative SMC technology from REHM makes inert gas welding an efficient process with outstanding quality results. The SMC superior machine control concept monitors and controls during the welding process.

One special feature of SMC (Smart Machine Control) is the intelligent link to the welding parameter database integrated in the welding unit. The system uses expert knowledge to automatically set the welding parameters. The digital control of the droplet transfer, the monitoring of the arc length or the real-time monitoring and high-precision control of the wire feed speed are further functionalities of this innovative technology.

REHM portable pulse welding unit - all of the advantages at a glance

  • Super fast, high precision arc control regulated 
  • Droplet transfer
  • Highest possible reproducibility and setting accuracy
  • Automatic ignition, welding and crater fill program for every material 
  • Double pulse function
  • Individual jobs can be flexibly programmed
  • Lightweight at 35 kg
  • Powerful, high-precision 4-roller drive
  • Standby function
  • Remote control with up-down welding torch
  • E-manual welding with integrated Arc Force, automatic hot start and anti-stick function
  • REHM Universal Push-Pull connection available as an option


  • Steel (Fe)
  • Stainless steel (CrNi)
  • MIG brazing of aluminium 
  • coated sheet

Technical data & documents

Standards   CE, EN 60 974-1, S-Identification
Setting range [A] 10-250
Duty cycle (ED) at Imax. (10 min.) at 40 °C [%] 40
Welding current at 100 % ED at 40 °C [A] 160
Open-circuit voltage [V] 63
Wire feed   4 rollers
Feed rollers [mm] 0.8/1.0 for Fe/CrNi
Mains connection [V] 3 x 400
Mains frequency [Hz] 50/60
Fuse [A] 16
Torch cooling   Gas
Protection type   IP 23
Control socket [pin] 12
Welding cable socket [mm] 13
Continuous output at 100% ED [V] 7
Insulation class   H
Weight [kg] 35
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 645 x 370 x 580