MIG / MAG pulse welding machine

Portable MIG / MAG pulse welding machine PANTHER 202 PULSE

Overview of the highlights

  • Torch cooling: Gas
  • Pulse, double pulse, conventional welding
  • Portable for maximum mobility
  • 230 V power supply
  • Storage of up to 99 jobs
  • 86 synergy characteristic curves for all materials

Welding processes

  • MIG / MAG pulse
  • MIG / MAG conventional

Portable 200 A pulse welding unit with a 230 V power supply

230 Volt pulse power source for stepless welding, pulse welding and double pulse welding, TIG look. Construction steels, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloys. Thin sheet range (1 to 6 mm). Weighs only 21 kg.

The PANTHER 202 PULS with a wide range of uses

The integrated database with synergy characteristic curves for the use of new cutting-edge technologies that are the state of the art of today’s technology such as brazing CuSi3 or CuA18. Perfect MIG brazing: easy, reliable and fast. The PANTHER 202 PULS performs perfectly when processing thin sheet and when processing galvanized sheet and aluminium sheet.

REHM portable pulse welding unit - all of the advantages at a glance

  • The new 200 A MIG/MAG pulse power source with 230 V power supply for stepless welding, pulse welding and double pulse welding, TIG look
  • Construction steels, stainless steel, aluminium and copper alloys Thin sheet (1 to 6 mm)
  • PANTHER will convince you as the most cost efficient pulse current source in its performance and quality class
  • Best portability: Weighs only 21 kg
  • Best quality: 116 synergy programs for all materials
  • Jobs memory for 99 jobs for consistent quality at the highest level Best user friendliness: 2 knob control
  • Best flexibility: Remotely controlled torch settings / welding parameters / displays
  • Energy setting via the current, feed speed, material thickness, arc correction
  • Selection of stepless mode, pulse mode, double pulse mode, 2T/4T mode, spot welding, interval
  • Hot start End crater filler
  • Job storage and selection Wire threading
  • Gas test
  • Display of welding energy and current with hold function Display of the selected welding program Comprehensive expert database

The PANTHER 202 PULS types

Portable MIG / MAG pulse welding machine with 200 Amp


  • Setting range: 15-200 A
  • Duty cycle: 40 %
  • Torch cooling: Gas
  • Mains: 230 V
  • Protection type: IP 23
  • Weight: 21 kg