TIG cold wire feeder for INVERTIG.PRO®

TIG cold wire feeder case APUS 20 C for INVERTIG.PRO welding machines

Overview of the highlights

  • Duty cycle: 100 % at max. welding current
  • Speed: Increases the welding speed
  • Efficiency: Increased efficiency thanks to a higher melting rate
  • Quality: Very high seam and visual quality
  • Safety: Welding on safety-related components

Suitable for welding machines

TIG cold wire feed for INVERTIG.PRO® - makes TIG welding even more economical

APUS 20 C - the clever cold wire feed for INVERTIG.PRO® is specially developed for REHM AUTOMATION.SYSTEMS. The portable device makes TIG welding more economical and is suitable for all applications where the highest seam and visual quality is required.

TIG cold wire unit APUS 20 C with special torch


Cold-wire unit with special and optional TIG welding torch

TIG cold wire feeder case APUS 20 C with display


Cold wire feeder with separate adjustment possibilities

Special TIG torch for cold wire welding with automated filler material


Special TIG welding torch with automatic material addition

Quality, speed, precision - highly competitive

The APUS 20 C cold wire feed unit is the pace-setter in automated and semi-automated TIG welding for more system productivity. The feed unit is suitable for all cold-wire applications in TIG welding.

Your benefits:

  • Increasing the welding speed
  • Increased efficiency thank to higher deposition rates
  • High seam and visual quality
  • Cost reduction for the consumption of additional materials
  • Regulation of the temperature
  • Generation of filling volume
  • Welding on safety-related components
  • Increased competitiveness

3 years warranty on TIG cold wire feeder case APUS 20 C for INVERTIG.PRO


The cold wire feeder APUS 20 C for INVERTIG.PRO is Made in Germany