Personal protection

Quality automatic welding masks from 3M

Eye protection

High-end automatic welding masks with optional breathing protection system, face shields, welding masks and hoods, hand and head shields as well as matching accessories.


Automatic welding helmets from 3M available by REHM Welding Technology


Breathing masks and breathing protection systems from 3M

Breathing protection

Quality respiratory protection masks in different designs and respiratory protection systems for automatic welding masks.


Respiratory protection of 3M at REHM welding technology


 Earplugs and capsule ear protectors from 3M

Ear protection

High quality ear protection such as hearing protection plugs and capsule ear protectors for the loud working day.


Ear protection from 3M at REHM Schweißtechnik



Welding gloves and welding work wear by 3M

Protective clothing

Quality TIG and MIG / MAG welding gloves for every application, working gloves and protective helmets. In addition, high-quality welding protective clothing such as jackets, trousers, sleeves, u.v.m.


Gloves & Welding Protective Clothing from Weldas at REHM Schweißtechnik